Seniors Massage in Bondi

Massage therapy provides senior citizens with enormous benefits that help improve both health conditions and general well-being. Listed below are some of these benefits:

Improves blood and lymph circulation which increases oxygen supply to the body

  • Increases joint mobility and flexibility
  • Reduces muscle adhesions (knots)
  • Eases pain and discomfort
  • Relieves itchy and dry skin
  • Speeds recovery from surgery
  • Promotes restful sleep
  • Reduces swelling from excess water retention
  • Promotes easier breathing
  • Boosts energy levels and mental alertness
  • Easing of anxiety, depression and stress
  • Helps prevent muscle atrophy and bedsores in the inactive person

What Are the Benefits of Massage for Senior Citizens?

Aug 16, 2013 - By Martin Hughes

Martin Hughes is a chiropractic physician, health writer and the co-owner of a website devoted to natural footgear. He writes about health, fitness, diet and lifestyle. Hughes earned his Bachelor of Science in kinesiology at the University of Waterloo and his doctoral degree from Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Ore.

Reduced Pain & Stiffness

If you're a senior citizen, it's not uncommon for you to experience pain and stiffness in your muscles and joints, especially following more vigorous-than-usual physical activity. A massage therapist who has experience with geriatric clients will use gentle yet effective techniques, such as skin rolling, tapping and light kneading, to mobilize your tender muscles, tendons and joints. Massage therapy also helps reduce inflammation-related pain around your joints, which promotes the restoration of your full range of joint motion. 

Improved range of motion can enhance your ability to ambulate and perform your activities of daily living, which in turn can lead to increased independence and a higher quality of life. According to, geriatric massage clients regularly report relief from arthritis and chronic pain.

Better Circulation

The Mayo Clinic reports that improved circulation is one of the principle benefits of massage therapy. Healthy circulation of blood and lymph is especially important if you're a senior citizen, as you may be more susceptible to decreased circulation. Reduced circulation is particularly problematic if you're a diabetic, as you're prone to lower limb problems due to reduced blood flow to the tissues of your lower legs and feet. 

Regular massage therapy, in conjunction with an appropriate exercise plan, can help you prevent diabetic complications, such as ulcers and gangrene in your lower extremities. An additional benefit of massage therapy is the improved lymph flow throughout your body. Improved circulation of both lymph and blood can help you recover more quickly following injuries, and it can boost your energy levels, too.

Emotional Support & Friendship

According to a 2010 study about massage therapy and health outcomes in older adults, published in the "Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies," those who received massage therapy within the past year produced significantly higher health outcome scores in the following categories: emotional well-being, limitations due to physical issues and limitations due to emotional issues. 

Massage therapy can help you by reducing your anxiety, depression, stress and loneliness, and can improve your self-confidence and enhance your quality of life. The sense of companionship you derive from a visit to your massage therapist is also an important healing effect of massage therapy. Human touch can have a significant impact on your mental and emotional well-being, and can help promote a sense of belonging and friendship, which has its own psychological benefits.

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